little bubblelooz...

that's right, you're at the blog that my papa set up for me. mama's the one who's uploading the pics and stuff onto the blog. here's more info about me: my name's not bubblelooz.. (papa and mama just like to call me that...) my name is actually kienan foo zi en. i was supposed to be born on 18 jan 2007. but as God would have it, i only came out on 20 jan 2007. and this was after mama had to check-in to the hospital to induce labour so that i could come out. even then, it took one and a half days before mama started having contractions! after much pain, pushing and prayers, i was finally introduced to this big big world at 4.30pm on saturday, 20 jan 2007. my height/length - 52cm my weight - 3.49kg! okies, enough about me... but you do realise that this blog is all about me. so you can continue browsing through this blog and track my growth and development! :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

my little boy's growing up

the date's 24 april 2009.
it's been more than half a year since my last post. talk about being consistent... *sheepish grin*
i'm always put to shame when i see how some others update their babies' blog so conscientiously.
for now, it's going to be words.. as it's the easiest. i don't have pics with me right now. so reading this will have to do.

kienan's really growing up! (and i'm saying this with a tinge of sadness)
he's 2yrs 3mths and 4 days old today.
he's in dreamland as i'm typing this.
the things he learns and picks up nowadays really amaze me. and i can't help but really feel so proud of him and how he's grown and developed.

here are some things i love about our little boy...
- how he responds by saying "i love u, mama" whenever i tell him that i love him
- how he wakes up in the morning, sits up, smiles, looks at me, and says "good morning mama!"
- how he insists that i sleep next to him and hug him when i put him to bed (though i really have to start trying to get him to sleep without me lying next to him. and he refuses to let kevin put him to bed when i'm at home.. which isn't really a good thing. here's how our conversation with him goes:

mama: kienan, papa will put you to bed tonite, ok? papa will sleep with you on the mattress and mama will sleep on the bed.

kienan: no, mama sleep with kienan on mattress. papa sleep on bed.

(and if kevin still continues to sleep next to him on the mattress...)

kienan: don't want papa (tries to nudge/push him away). only mama.

(following which, he gets up and comes to the bed and insists on sleeping with me on the bed).