little bubblelooz...

that's right, you're at the blog that my papa set up for me. mama's the one who's uploading the pics and stuff onto the blog. here's more info about me: my name's not bubblelooz.. (papa and mama just like to call me that...) my name is actually kienan foo zi en. i was supposed to be born on 18 jan 2007. but as God would have it, i only came out on 20 jan 2007. and this was after mama had to check-in to the hospital to induce labour so that i could come out. even then, it took one and a half days before mama started having contractions! after much pain, pushing and prayers, i was finally introduced to this big big world at 4.30pm on saturday, 20 jan 2007. my height/length - 52cm my weight - 3.49kg! okies, enough about me... but you do realise that this blog is all about me. so you can continue browsing through this blog and track my growth and development! :)

Thursday, May 31, 2007

yay! another family photo!

it's rare for us to have a family photo..
this time, we're at mommy's ah yi's house for lunch. once again, i don't get to eat any of her yummy food...
but hey, i get to drink nutritious milk from mommy! :)

i'm happy.. i'm happy...

whheeeee!!! i'm flying....!!
look at the grin on my face!

who are these people?!

don't be mistaken. these aren't my parents ok. the lady's my xiao yi, and the guy is uncle simon.
they love playing with me and trying to make me laugh...

baby ogre...

err... what's that on my head?! am i wearing a headband? yikes!! help!!
(mommy says: he looks so cute in those shrek ogre ears!!!)

we're at west coast park!

papa, mommy and me -- one happy family!
i'm feeling really hot in my stroller...
i'm waiting for gramps and grand to come and take care of me while mommy and papa play ultimate frisbee at west coast park.. when are they going to come?! it's getting really hot.. and i'm getting kinda grumpy... :(
i wonder when i'll get to play frisbee... i bet i'll be really good at it! hahaha

mmm..... my mini cornetto

ooooh... it's so nice and cold... my mini cornetto..
it's only for me to hold. mommy says that i can't eat it yet! how much longer before i can sink my teeth into delightful ice-cream??? *looks hopefully at mommy*

Friday, May 25, 2007

i'm getting my jab!

mommy decided to record my reaction to my immunisation jab...
she says that i'm braver this time round as i cried only for a very short while. *brave little me....* :)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

'kun-ning' in my car seat...

mommy sneakily takes a shot of me while i'm fast asleep in my car seat.... i'm waiting for papa to finish his recording so that he can come home with us...

Saturday, May 19, 2007

babbling on and on and on...

whooah... here i go! i'm talking, i'm talking... :)

me & my new teether doll...

mommy specially bought this teether doll for me. it's basically a big terry cloth towel with knots as its hands and feet.. its original name is 'kammi'.. but mommy and papa call it 'kenny'... :)

Friday, May 18, 2007

walking with Jesus

papa helps me 'walk'... :)
and i love being on my feet, or should i say, my toes!
walking with Jesus, walking everyday... walking all the way...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

auntie roo, me & teddy

auntie roo brought her teddy to church today specially to compare how big it is when it's next to me.. hmmz.. looks like i win in terms of size?

Saturday, May 12, 2007


hee.. this is funny video of me.. think mommy was trying to video me talking.. but i end up regurgitating a bit of milk, and plonk, my face accidentally lands right in it!

look at my feet!

ooh.. i'm beginning the discover the existence of my feet!