little bubblelooz...

that's right, you're at the blog that my papa set up for me. mama's the one who's uploading the pics and stuff onto the blog. here's more info about me: my name's not bubblelooz.. (papa and mama just like to call me that...) my name is actually kienan foo zi en. i was supposed to be born on 18 jan 2007. but as God would have it, i only came out on 20 jan 2007. and this was after mama had to check-in to the hospital to induce labour so that i could come out. even then, it took one and a half days before mama started having contractions! after much pain, pushing and prayers, i was finally introduced to this big big world at 4.30pm on saturday, 20 jan 2007. my height/length - 52cm my weight - 3.49kg! okies, enough about me... but you do realise that this blog is all about me. so you can continue browsing through this blog and track my growth and development! :)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

me and aidan... :)

this is me (right) and aidan (left)... he's about 4mths old now, i'm about 8.5 months older than him i think?
papa, mama, uncle e-gene and auntie sarah are cooling themselves down with a creamy cold cup of ben & jerry's ice-cream!
wish i could have some.... *sigh*
this is me, 'sayanging' aidan...

fun at the zoo!

ooh.. what's that climbing precariously high up in the tree???
this is my first trip to, ahem, the singapore zoological gardens! let's call it the zoo for short!
i think mama is more excited than me. she was so happy last night, telling me that she and papa are going to bring me to the zoo...

seriously, i think mama enjoyed the zoo a lot more than me. think the main things i saw were...
a) white tigers (did you know that tigers are only found in Asia???)
b) giraffes
c) two enormous elephants! (they actually walked right past us!)
d) orangutans! (mama loves ah-meng... but we didn't see her...)
e) one huge polar bear (merrily taking a swim in her tank)
f) huge tortoises! (and i mean, huge!)

and lots of other animals.... but these were the ones that were obvious enough for me to notice, since i was in my stoller most of the time.